Home ownership is no longer just a dream for many Canadians, as there are several programs to help families enter the world of home ownership. However, not all homes you find will be perfect for your every need. You may need to make some changes after moving in. One area, in particular, you may want to change is the bathroom.

Old and outdated bathrooms are a real eyesore and can take away from the overall look of a home. In addition to that, a bathroom renovation can often boost the value of your home. Unfortunately, some of these bathroom-related renovations can be incredibly costly.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can give your bathroom a boost, without spending a fortune. This article is going to go over 5 tiny yet beautiful additions you can make to your bathroom.

Upgrade Your Vanity

One of the central and most important aspects of any bathroom is the vanity. It is where you will spend a lot of time when you’re in the bathroom and will house things like your sink and the main storage in the bathroom. It plays a big part in the overall look and functionality of your bathroom.

If this area of your bathroom could use some work, consider getting a new bathroom vanity cabinet. There are many options when it comes to how you want your vanity to look. It can be square or rounded, large or small, and even higher or lower off the ground. It can be made of many different materials, and feature different types of sinks.

While this might seem like a big job, they can be very easy to install on your own or with a bit of assistance. Whether you purchase one that is RTA (ready to assemble) or get one custom-built, a new vanity can give any bathroom a quick facelift.

Consider Going Bold with the Color

If you want to add a little bit of beauty to your bathroom, adding some fun and bold colors can do just that. These colors will often provide an attractive contrast to the white tile on the floor in most bathrooms. The color you choose can also impact the overall “mood” of the room. Some can make it more exciting, while others can make it more relaxing.

If you don’t feel like painting the walls, consider adding some fun wallpaper or lining the walls with some art. Your bathroom should not be an afterthought in your home, and adding some bold color choices can certainly stop that from happening. Of course, be sure to choose a color that fits well with your bathroom fixtures.

Use the Walls

Another great idea for improving your bathroom is to make sure to use the walls. Unfortunately, many walls in bathrooms go completely unused or are purely cosmetic. Instead of doing this, consider adding some shelves and hooks on the walls. These can provide additional storage, which is often lacking in many bathrooms.

If you are feeling adventurous and are capable, you could even add some built-in shelves right into the walls. This is especially a good idea in the shower, as these built-in shelves are perfect for your shampoo, soap, body wash, and other essentials.

This usage of the walls is particularly important if you decide to go with an open vanity or one that is lacking in storage space. Also, if you have a tiny bathroom, using the walls can give you a ton more space to work with.

Keep the Grout Clean

This idea is very simple and won’t take long at all, but can have some pretty dramatic results. In most bathrooms, the tiles themselves are easy to keep clean and are often resistant to stains. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the grout.

Over time, the grout will darken and get stained by everything from spills, to mold, to dirt and a variety of other things. This can make the bathroom as a whole look unkempt and dirty. Thankfully, cleaning grout is quite easy.

Using a water-vinegar solution (as long as you don’t have porous tile like marble) and a toothbrush is often enough to restore the beauty of your floors. You will be surprised at how good your floors will look after this little bit of work. Also, don’t forget about the grout in the shower if you use tile there as well.

Bring the Outdoors In

Houseplants are common throughout most homes but are rarely seen in the bathroom. Despite this, they can be a great addition to your bathroom and make it a more comfortable place to be. You can opt for smaller plants on shelves or the vanity, or even a larger floor plant in a pot in the corner.

Not only can these plants look good and help the mood of the room, but they can also purify the air. Many plants, such as english ivy and aloe vera, have air purifying properties that can reduce airborne particles or harmful chemicals. Of course, if you have pets, be sure to be aware of which plants are toxic to pets and which are okay to have.

We hope these small bathroom design and renovation ideas have been able to inspire you. Whether you paint the bathroom, clean the grout, add a new vanity or bring in some plants, we are confident that these small changes can make a world of difference in the room as a whole.