We live in some confusing times for sure. The current global pandemic has led people to become cautious about everything and many, unfortunately have lost their jobs due to closures. Canada, along with the rest of the world have had to adjust to a new form of normal, yet through this pandemic we have seen substantial growth in certain areas of industry. If you are looking for new opportunities or just change up your routine, here are the industries in Canada that are growing despite the current global situation.

Loan Officers

Life is crazy at times, and sometimes, people need financial help to get through tough times. Among the top-rated industries in Canada today are loan officers. These individuals are instrumental in helping people get financing their need for homes, cars, and other big-ticket items. Growth for loan officers has grown 27.4% so far this year. In addition to traditional loan officers, check cashing services and other financial industries are becoming more of an essential service.

Cannabis Production

If asked 10 years ago if people thought cannabis would ever be legal, they would likely laugh, but thankfully, the medical field has begun unlocking the medicinal properties of this natural substance and government agencies are taking notice. Cannabis production has grown 28.1% and is currently among the top growing industries in the country. Canada is among the most recent countries to legalize the use of cannabis, under certain parameters. This has opened the door for growers, distributors, and all aspects of the cannabis business. The profitability of this part of industry is still in its infancy and those who decide to pursue employment in the cannabis field should completely understand the legalities of the cannabis industry in Canada.

Primary Care Doctors

Doctors, nurses, and anyone in the medical field are essential workers. Naturally, when there is any sort of pandemic or increase need for qualified doctors, this sector will increase. However, primary care doctors are seeing an increase just like hospitals and emergency facilities. This is largely due to the simple fact that more people are aware of the need for checkups and maintaining their health to an optimal level to guard against the notion of going to a hospital. An increase of 8.8% in the primary care doctor field has been seen for this year.

Soybean Farmers

Sustainability is always on the minds of leaders of any country and Canada has always been excellent at maintaining trade deals and providing goods to other countries. These days, sustainable produce such as soy beans have become necessary. Soy beans are an excellent protein source and is being used in a range of different food options these days. Additionally, soy is easy to grow and Canada is prime real estate for soybean farms. This year alone, Canada has seen a 7.5% increase in soybean farm production, so if you like to work with your hands while helping Canada’s economy, soybean farming might be an option.


In response to essential workers and their needs, pharmacies provide significant support. Becoming a pharmacist does take a lot of school, but for those who are already in the medical field, it can be an easy transition from a traditional doctor or nurse. This thriving sector of the medical industry is not merely based on the physical pharmacies we all have seen, but research into pharmaceuticals as well. Right now, the need for pharmaceuticals is at an all time high and researchers in the industry are highly prized. Pharmacies have seen a 7% increase in demand in recent months.

Canned Goods

One of the first things to happen when lockdowns began to happen was the notion of a food shortage. News outlets made it clear that food was necessary and in response, store shelves quickly emptied. In response, canned good producers began running harder than they ever had before. The stores have recovered from the onslaught of hoarders, but the canned good industry is still seeing an increase in production. Canned goods are ideal for maintaining a shelf stable food supply when fresh foods are threatened, so this sector of the economy has enjoyed an increase of 6.3% this year.

Home Construction and the Real Estate Market

Home building has been hit hard during the pandemic, but the real estate marker is moving forward as the inventory of new and existing homes has been leveling off and the demand for homes from new buyers has skyrocketed. With the help of the government enactment of a specific program targeting first home buyers, more new Canadian home owners are able to enjoy the highly coveted dream of home ownership.

If you have been wondering what to do during the pandemic and how to provide for your family, these industries are looking for help as they become more important to the economy. Whether you have lost employment due to closures or just needing a change, you can make an impact on your local and national economy by supporting these industries. 2020 has been a rough year for certain, but Canadians are not the type of people to simply lay down. They have a fighting spirit that will bring them through anything, even a pandemic. Keep your head up. We will get through this.

By Jerilyn Alvarez
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