Don't Trush Your Stuff, Stash it!

At the end of every semester, when all the exams are over, you may find yourself with a situation as stressing as taking writing papers and taking tests – where to store your items. We know that college students accumulate a lot of things over the semester. After all, these are the best four years of your life and keeping every memento is of paramount importance. So, what do you do when there isn’t enough space to house the memories of every concert, party, late night studying event, football game, tailgate and all the other wonderful things that make up the college experience. Whether you’re an in-or out-of-state student, a self storage unit can help you to get organized at the end of the school year and assist with getting prepared for the new one.

Need a self storage facility near your university?

No problem! We have an extensive listing of self storage units all over the nation and can help you find one to match your needs and college budget. Looking for discounts? We’ve got you covered there as well. Many self storage facilities offer discounts to college students and some may even throw in the free use of a moving truck. Sounds awesome? We bet it does!

Plan ahead and reserve a self storage unit online with us today. Don’t wait until the end of the semester when units and moving trucks are scarce. Keep in mind that certain times of the year are very busy for self storage. Reserve a unit in advance to avoid the rush associated with renting last minute.

Be sure to check out all our tips and tricks if you’re a first-time renter. We can guide you through the rental and reservation process to ensure that all your belongings will be kept safe and sound. Confused about climate-controlled and drive up units or even storage units sizes? We’re here to help. We’re the experts in self storage so let us take care of your storage needs while you go back to hitting the books.