This has been an extraordinary year and thankfully, more people are finding ways to safely get out and travel in 2021. While planning for your next family getaway or friends weekend, you may be thinking of exotic locations such as a tropical beach, but take a moment and reconsider that notion. Popular destination are crowded and it can be difficult to really have a good time with everyone else trying to enjoy themselves as well. This year, try something new. Hamilton, ON should be on your next trip list and here are just a few reasons why.

A Large City

Although cities such as Toronto tend to receive top billing in Canada, more and more people are discovering the wonders and amazing of Hamilton, ON. Although you might think of this place as just another small city, you would be highly mistaken. Hamilton is actually a remarkably large city, one of the largest in Ontario, with vast diversity around every corner. Approximately 25% of residents are from other parts of the world outside Canada, so you can enjoy diversity at its finest in the largest city in Ontario, Hamilton.

Go on Safari (on a budget)

Have you always wanted to see a lion or rhinos up close? If you are like most people, the dream of going on an African Safari can seem miles away. These exotic trips are very expensive and there is never a real guarantee you will see any wildlife. However, in Hamilton, you can enjoy the experience of seeing a live lion, rhinos, and over 1000 exotic birds along with elephants and all your beloved safari creatures. Canada’s African Safari Park is located in Hamilton and, unlike a true African Safari, your budget can stay intact. Admission is a mere $5.25 for adults and $4.95 for children and many local hotels offer safari packages along with your stay.

Love Botanical Gardens?

Although a Botanical Garden experience might not seem truly exciting to some, there is something special about seeing perfectly pruned and budding flowers at their peak season and in Hamilton, you can get your botany fix at the Royal Botanical Gardens. This impeccably groomed and landscaped piece of property is the largest of its kind in Canada and visitors get to enjoy a full 27 km of nature trails ready for exploration. If you happen to be traveling with a few children in tow, bring them along as well. At various times throughout the year, the Royal Botanical Gardens hosts educational workshops and children’s day camps, so your kids can stay entertained while you meander along endless floral filled paths.

A Land of Waterfalls

There is just something special about seeing a cascading waterfall. These epic entities in nature are seemingly rare in certain areas and are something to be treasured, but when you visit Hamilton, expect to see them around every corner on your nature exploration journeys. There are actually well over 100 reported waterfalls in and around Hamilton, so if cascading water is what you want to see, you will have no problem here. Just to name a few, Hamilton has Albion Falls, Great Falls, Buttermilk Falls, and Devil’s Punchbowl Falls.

For War History and Aviation Buffs

War is not an uncomfortable factor in history, but at Hamilton’s Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, you can see the history of aviation right in front of your eyes. The fascinating world of aviation comes alive here with real life, helicopters and air planes that were used in wars fought throughout the world. Additionally, you can book a flight in one of the many planes used for touring the Hamilton skies at this museum or enjoy fund while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground with their free flight simulator. Enjoy endless hours of fun for the whole family in the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

Oh, the Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are huge draws. Rows of stalls selling every imaginable goody is something unique and special and many cities use their farmer’s market as a centralized meeting spot for citizens. That is exactly what you will find at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market. This particular farmer’s market is a historic marvel dating back to 1837. Since that time, the Hamilton Farmer’s Market has provided fresh produce, artisan breads, and amazing culinary experiences to the masses. While in Hamilton, do not forget to stop in and enjoy this sensory overload experience for yourself.

Visiting in Winter? Try Ice Climbing

Thrill seekers regularly trek up steep mountain faces for the thrill of being above it all, but in winter, those cliff faces can be a little too treacherous to take on. However, winter does not stop those in Hamilton from experiencing the High Life, so to speak. Experienced climbers are invited to climb the Tiffany Falls annually. The falls freeze making them possible to climb, so if you are looking for a truly unique experience and have a background in mountain climbing under your belt, enjoy a little ice climbing in Hamilton.

Play in the Water

During the summer, Hamilton comes alive with a variety of summer activities you and your family will enjoy. Among these enjoyable family experiences is Wild Waterworks. Wild Waterworks is not just your everyday, average water park. It is, in fact, Canada’s largest outdoor waterpark experience located right in Hamilton. Water remains enjoyable for all as slides, splashpad, sprayers, mists, and all water experiences within the park are slightly heated. You and your family can enjoy hours of entertainment at Wild Waterworks.

The next time you and your family begin planning a trip or just want to get away for a while, try Hamilton, ON. Although it is not a tropical destination, by any means, this city has a lot to offer families of all ages. Whether you are looking to get out and enjoy the great outdoors for a while or want to find an educational opportunity in one of Hamilton’s many museums, you can find it all in this amazing city. Visit Hamilton, ON today.