We are nearing that special time of the year when families and friends travel to their ultimate vacation destination. We all have our favorite spot, but in order to truly enjoy life, you must step out of the box and see something new. If you are struggling with where to go for your next trip, give Montreal, QC a try. This part of Canada is one of the most entertaining and spectacular destinations around and if you have yet to visit, here are just a few things you have been missing.

Amazing Architecture

This may not seem like a significant draw to some people, but architecture is one of the most interesting aspects of visiting a new area. Through buildings, both past and present, you can really get a feel for when an area was founded and architecture works like a living museum. Montreal, QC is alive with both modern and old architecture and for the best examples of architecture at its best, be sure to visit Old Montreal. Place d’Armes is known as the centerpiece of Montreal and is surrounded by amazing structures still in use today. Stop in the Notre-Dame Basilica for a truly draw dropping experience. Stained glass windows and truly remarkable architectural attributes are found throughout this amazing place.

Diverse Culinary Scene

Eating at interesting places is a part of going on vacation and when in Montreal, you will find no shortage of amazing establishments to enjoy a meal or two. You can certainly find your fair share of Canadian cuisine such as Poutine, but Montreal also has a variety of other delectable delight opportunities including classic French bistros and Irish pubs. Whatever you happen to be craving, you can find it here.

A Walk in the Park

At times, on your vacation, you will desire a little outside time and what better place to enjoy the lay of the land better than in a local park. Montreal is full of spectacular parks for walking, playing, and even bringing your special pets along, but one of the most famous parks in the city is known as Parc du Mont Royal. This park is perched high above the city to provide an excellent view of everything. It is among the most popular places to take a morning stroll or hike with family and friends. Be sure to bring your camera as you will want to take many pictures during your visit.

Summer Fun

Canada may not be your first choice for a summer vacation, but you would be pleasantly surprised to know that the weather in Montreal, QC is remarkably enjoyable during the hottest part of the years. Additionally, unlike some beach destinations, the humidity remains low while temperatures stay relatively high providing a truly comfortable atmosphere for kayaking, hiking, water skiing, and every other summer activity you can think of. Montreal has it all.

Winter Entertainment

Summer is not the only amazing time of year to visit Montreal, QC. When temperatures drop, they really drop in this part of the world and visiting for Christmas or other times during the winter months provides some excellent entertainment options. Cross country skiing in the parks, ice skating, and sledding are among the more popular winter activities in this area and once you have had your fill of the great snow laden outdoors, you can come inside for a little relaxation in one of Montreal’s many world renowned spas.

When the Sun Goes Down

Just because the sun drops below the horizon, does not mean it is time to go to bed, especially in an exciting place like Montreal, QC. At night, the city takes on a whole new image with neon and nightlife hot spots around every corner. Montreal is home to a variety of different music styles and clubs that provide endless hours of dancing the night away. Each club has their own in house DJ or specialty DJs they bring in, so no matter what type of music or experience you want, you can find it here. Take your time to explore each club and find your perfect space in Montreal for nightlife.

Try Out the Shopping

Many places are famous for outlet shopping and shopping on a budget, but shopping in Montreal, QR takes on a whole new life. Where there are some budget friendly shops, there are also over 1,200 upscale department stores and unique boutiques to choose from. Souvenir shops and markets dot the landscape as well, so when planning your visit to this amazing place, ensure you have a shipping budget well in mind. Also, bring an extra suitcase for all your treasures. You are going to need it.

The Art Scene

Montreal is certainly a refined place with naturally, a plethora of museums and galleries to choose from. Whether you are seeking fine art, history, nature, or even a trip to the famed Biosphere or Planetarium, you will find it in Montreal, QC. However, refined art, history, and nature’s finery are not the only aspects of education you can find here. Street art is huge as well. It might sound a little quirky to seek out street art and performances, but it is a way of life here in Montreal. Street art is celebrated in this city and you can find entire neighborhoods encased with some of the most intricate and eye catching street art you will see anywhere. Local artists are praised for their creativity and commitment to community growth and support is high for both fine art as well as all eclectic art styles in Montreal, QC.

What are you waiting for? Montreal, QC is waiting to make your acquaintance and this city is thriving. Leave the standard beach destinations alone for this year and try something new. The beach will still be there next year, but one trip to Montreal and you will want to come back again and again. Montreal is the ideal location for a weekend away with friends or an entire week with your family. It’s up to you, but make sure to make your plans right away before vacation rentals fill up.